Responsible for conducting air search and rescue (SAR), utilizing helicopters to locate lost, stranded, and/or abandoned individuals who may or may not be injured or in need of medical attention. Advance and Basic Life Support (ACLS/BLS) medical treatment may be performed if needed. Air rescue may include but not be limited to technical rescues skills utilizing hoist or short-haul techniques in urban and rural areas, mountainous terrain, swift water, still water, or offshore rescues and on-scene medical evacuations of disaster victims with life threatening injuries.

Helicopter Search and/or Rescue Technician position within a helicopter rescue unit (single resource) that performs search and/or rescue functions inside and outside the aircraft and typically may include rappelling, short haul, hoist operations, and water insertions on any of the following credential-specific disciplines: search,  rescue, urban, wilderness, mountain, disaster, stillwater, swiftwater


  • Water confidence

  • Pass NFPA swim Test (will be done in class)

  • Rope Rescue Class or equivalent training

  • Pass TRC1 physical fitness exam (can be done any time or during TRC1 INDOC class)

  • Air Medical Class or CFRN/FP-C certification (EMT must complete TRC1 INDOC class)

  • Helicopter water egress training in the last two years (Certification has to be evaluated by staff)

  • DAN insurance  can purchased at (https://www.diversalertnetwork.org/insurance/dive/)


A combination of classroom, skills lab, pool skill, open water skills and live scenario training will be used during this class. Class is six (6) days with some night opperations. 


  • Water Rescue Training

  • Elevated Rescue Swimmer Deployment

  • Live Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Deployment

  • Helicopter Hoist Operations

  • Tactical and Wilderness Medicine

On successful completion of this class student will receive Helicopter SAR Technician Certification, Public Safety Rescue Swimmer Certification, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Certification(NAEMT), and Red Cross Wilderness First Aid.