The Advance Helicopter Rescue & Recovery Course is a 6-day course designed to train advance medical professional (Nurse/Paramedic/Doctors/Respiratory Therapist) in the skills necessary to perform as an Aeromedical Crewmember aboard Helicopter Air Ambulances. This Course provides the knowledge and skills required to conduct patient treatment, casualty rescue and transport across the spectrum of MEDEVAC operations. This spectrum involves point of injury care, interfacility transfers, Defense Support to Civil Activities (DSCA), and post damage control resuscitation/surgery transport. Graduates will also have the capability to identify and utilize various aircraft systems and Medical Equipment Sets, conduct high-performance rescue hoist operations, and perform flight crew duties as a crewmember.

This Class Meets The Tech Rescue Standards: NFPA 1006 and 1670


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After completing this Criteria, you will be given an invitation for this Class. This class will be held one time per year in December.

  • Advance medical certification or license (Nurse/Paramedic/Doctors/Respiratory Therapist). Non-Paramedic student need to attend TRC1 Emergency Medical Responder Class.

  • Graduated of the TRC1 Critical Care Transport Academy (CFRN/FP-C are given credit for class)

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Certification.

  • Air Medical Crew Course in the last two years (current flight crew will be given credit)

  • Helicopter Egress training in the last two years (class must be evaluated TRC1 staff).

  • Basic Helicopter SAR Tech certification.

  • Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Operations certification

  • Water confidence

  • Pass NFPA swim Test (during TRC1 INDOC class)

  • Rope Rescue Class or equivalent training

  • Pass TRC1 physical fitness exam (during TRC1 INDOC class)

  • TRC1 Air Rescue INDOC

  • DAN insurance can purchase at (

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                   Advance Helicopter Rescue Technician Course (4-days) consists of:

  • Day and NVG flight orientation.

  • NVG academics.

  • Aviation rescue equipment.

  • Critical care management of a patient in a medical evacuation aircraft platform (using high fidelity medical mannequins and five Medical Suite Trainers that simulate each MEDEVAC platform currently in use).

  • Limitations of inflight patient care point of injury and mass casualty operations.

  • Current hoist operations concluded by a live hoist.

  • Knowledge and skills in the areas of pharmacology, drug dosage, drug calculations, and drug-assisted intubation.

  •  Canine Trauma.

  • A capstone Situational Training Exercise

On successful completion of this class student will receive Helicopter Rescue Technician Certification, NAEMT EMS Safety Certification