The Air Medical Crew Course is a 6 day/40-hour instruction class. This course meets and exceeds the Florida State 64J-1.005 requirements for air medical education and is based on the DOT National Standard Curriculum and Guidelines for Air Medical Crew Course Education. Aircraft & LZ safety, preventing pilot & crew error, flight Physiology, crew Requirements, communications, survival, and fitness are some of the topics covered. Other topics are: patient assessment and management of medical emergencies, respiratory, cardiac, neurological, orthopedic, trauma, burn patients, shock, obstetrical and pediatrics. This class is geared for licensed Physicians, RN’s and Paramedics who strive to achieve a higher level of education and medical expertise in order to enhance their capabilities to function safely and effectively in the aero-medical environment. The Air Medical Crew Course is approved by the Florida Bureau of EMS for Continuing Education 

THE RESCUE COMPANY 1 CRITICAL CARE TRANSPORT ACADEMY is designed to prepare paramedics and nurses to function as members of a critical care transport team. The program attempts to bridge the gap between pre-hospital and in hospital care; resulting in a specialized provider who has both the understanding of the aspects of caring for a critically ill patient and has the ability to provide the highest level of care to the critically ill patient during transport. The class meets online for seven days (7) one to two weeks prior to the five (5) in person days. Curriculum Design is designed to provide the basic educational foundation required for specialists transporting critical care patients.  The CCTA class is divided into 24 modules.  Each module has a specific instructional goal. The right equipment to demonstrate various critical care techniques is provided to enrich the learning. The required readings and the learning objectives are provided prior to class. Each lesson contains quizzes and exams to help with the understanding of the information. This class when combined with Air Medical Class includes NAEMT certificates, AHA re-certifications NRP, SWET, and HUET. (This class is just online)

Responsible for conducting air search and rescue (SAR), utilizing helicopters to locate lost, stranded, and/or abandoned individuals who may or may not be injured or in need of medical attention. Advance and Basic Life Support (ACLS/BLS) medical treatment may be performed if needed. Air rescue may include but not be limited to technical rescues skills utilizing hoist or short-haul techniques in urban and rural areas, mountainous terrain, swift water, still water, or offshore rescues and on-scene medical evacuations of disaster victims with life threatening injuries.

Shallow Water Egress Training (SWET) course is a 8hr (2hr classroom, 6hrs pool, 3 for SWET and 3 for HUET) basic water survival program intended to prepare the student with the information and skills necessary to survive in the event of a water emergency. Under the instruction of our professional staff, participants receive Helicopter Basic Egress Training using the (SWET) simulator. 

Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the importance of “Survival Skills”. Students will learn more advance skills necessary to assist them with survival in an offshore environment should an unfortunate event occur. Students will demonstrate these necessary skills during practical examination and demonstrate knowledge during practical assessment using the HUET simulator. Course is approximately 4hrs hours same as SWET. HUET class is designed to be taken after SWET. Both classes can be done in and 8hr format.

Advanced leadership training for advance medical providers that provide advance medical care for critically injured or ill during transport aboard helicopter air ambulances

“The rescue company 1 has revolutionized the way we treat and transport our patients. Their instructors were knowledgeable, bright and efficient - the results speak for themselves.”

Fred Santiago Paramedic/RN