Shallow Water Egress Training (SWET) is an 8-hour course: (2-hours in the classroom and 6-hours in the pool) (3-hours for SWET and 3-hours for HUET). The foundation of this course is the basic water survival program intended to prepare the students with the information and skills necessary to survive in the event of a water emergency. Under the instruction of our professional staff, participants receive Helicopter Basic Egress Training using the (SWET) simulator. Other topics covered:

  • Emergency Situations

  • Survival Principles

  • Personal Flotation Devices

  • Helicopter Safety

Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the importance of “Survival Skills”. Students will learn more advanced skills necessary to assist them with survival in an offshore environment should an incident occur. Students will demonstrate the necessary skills during practical examination and demonstrate knowledge during practical assessments using the HUET simulator. This course is approximately 3-hours and is designed to be taken after SWET. Both classes can be done in and 8hr format. Other topics covered are:

  • Advance Survival Principles

  • Life Ring Buoys

  • Life Floats

  • Life Rafts

  • Survival Capsule

  • Signaling Equipment and Pyrotechnics