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Shallow Water Egress Training (SWET)

This is the foundation of basic water survival for any person in a helicopter program. This class intended to prepare the flight team member with the information and skills necessary to survive in the event of a helicopter water emergency. Under the instruction of our professional staff, participants receive Helicopter Basic Egress Training using the (SWET) simulator. 

Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)

This class is designed to provide the helicopter flight crew with an understanding of the importance of “Advance Water Survival Skills”. Flight Crew will learn more advanced skills necessary to assist them with survival in an offshore environment should an incident occur. Flight Crew` will demonstrate the necessary skills during the practical examination and demonstrate knowledge during practical assessments using the HUET simulator. 

The Rescue Company 1seeks to ensure that everyone working in the helicopter environment completed an appropriate safety and emergency training course. The Rescue Company 1 provides the students with a range of knowledge and skills relevant to helicopter safety and escape using a Survival Egress Air, and survival in the water.

The Water Egress Class will also equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to survive in the event of an emergency and to enhance their survivability through proper use of emergency equipment and procedures. SWET/HUET with Survival Egress Air training program is designed for personnel travelling via helicopter when issued with Survival Egress Air

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