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Mobile integrated healthcare-community paramedicine programs across the country and many more in development, EMS agencies are seeking ways to prepare their EMS workforce to provide MIH-CP services. The new Community Paramedicine Practitioner Course is a 160-hour course (40-hours online, 40-hours in person, and 80 clinical & lab hours) that covers the typical patient care provided through these programs. The course will help students preparing to take the IBSC Community Paramedic certification exam.


"The innovative Community Paramedic program offered by The Rescue Company 1 is meticulously designed and delivered in a hybrid format, encompassing four comprehensive phases. The initial phase, the Critical Care Transport Academy, establishes a strong foundational understanding of critical care principles.

The second phase involves two immersive in-person days dedicated to Pre-Hospital Point of Care Ultrasound, equipping participants with specialized skills to enhance their clinical assessments and interventions.

The third phase offers a comprehensive and interactive six-day, in-person review, culminating in the IBSC examination that specifically includes an in-person component for Paramedics. This rigorous assessment ensures the participants' mastery of the course material.

The fourth phase is a testament to the program's holistic approach, where participants engage with a range of essential subjects. This includes NAEMT Community Paramedic classes, specialized training in Geriatric Emergency Medical Services, and an Emergency Pediatric Class. This breadth of education equips participants to provide exemplary care across a diverse spectrum of medical scenarios.

Through this meticulously crafted program, The Rescue Company 1 empowers aspiring community paramedics to excel in their roles, equipping them with a comprehensive skill set that encompasses critical care, specialized ultrasound, and the nuances of caring for vulnerable populations across the age spectrum."

On completion of class GEMS/AMLS/EPC certifications will be provided. Price covers exam fee.

Optional Additional Certification branch of the community paramedic program

The Health and Safety Paramedic program serves as a valuable secondary branch of the community paramedic program. Following the completion of the primary community paramedic training, participants can further enhance their knowledge and skills through this two-week online course. This specialized program incorporates the NAEMT Health and Safety Officer class, equipping paramedics with essential expertise in ensuring the well-being of both patients and personnel. Moreover, it serves as an excellent preparation platform for those seeking to excel in the IBSC Certified Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO-C) examination, reinforcing the importance of maintaining a safe and infection-free healthcare environment.

On completion of class EMS Safety, and EMS Safety Officer certifications will be provided. Price covers exam fee.

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