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Mobile integrated healthcare-community paramedicine programs across the country and many more in development, EMS agencies are seeking ways to prepare their EMS workforce to provide MIH-CP services. The new Community Paramedicine Practitioner Course is a 160-hour course (40-hours online, 40-hours in person, and 80 clinical & lab hours) that covers the typical patient care provided through these programs. The course will help students preparing to take the IBSC Community Paramedic certification exam.


Topics covered include

• Mobile integrated health care development and implementation

• Clinical medicine/ pathophysiology

• Diabetes

• Cardiopulmonary

• Neurology/mental health

• Children with special needs

• Nutrition

• Geriatrics

• Pharmacology

• Hospice/palliative care

• Motivational interviewing

On completion of class GEMS/AMLS/EPC certifications will be provided. Price covers exam fee.

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