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The Rescue Company 1
Helicopter Search & Rescue Technician Fellowship

If you are interested in becoming a Helicopter Search and Rescue Technician then you've come to the right place. Our HELO-SAR Fellowship provides you with all of the necessary training from beginning to end!

Helicopter Search & Rescue Technician


(Aviation Rescue Swimmer)

(Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Technician)


"The Helicopter Search and Rescue class offered by The Rescue Company 1 epitomizes a hybrid learning experience, thoughtfully designed as a multi-part journey to comprehensive proficiency. The sequential nature of the course ensures a systematic development of skills and knowledge.

The initial phase for Paramedics, the Critical Care Transport Academy & Air Medical Crew Class establishes a strong foundational understanding of critical care principles, a crucial underpinning for the advanced skills required in search and rescue scenarios. The subsequent (for Paramedics, LEO, EMT) phase involves two immersive in-person days, a pivotal Part Two, focused on Aviation Survival and Shallow Water Egress Training, coupled with Helicopter Underwater Egress Training. These specialized sessions are paramount for fostering the safety and effectiveness of search and rescue personnel operating in diverse environments.

Following this, participants embark on a series of certifications and training.

The Rescue Company 1 Water Rescue Class

(students with Swiftwater/Floodwater Rescue Certificates can skip this phase)

The Rescue Company 1 Rope Rescue

(students with Rope I & II Technician Certification can skip this phase) 

The Rescue Company 1 Wilderness Search & Rescue


The Rescue Company 1 Wilderness Paramedic (Austere Medicine)

(students with Wilderness Search and Rescue Technician or IBSC Wilderness Paramedic certification can skip this phase)


The Rescue Company 1 Helicopter Aprentice Course 


The Rescue Company 1 EMS point of care ultrasound is recommended.

An integral aspect of the program is the Helicopter Rescue Apprenticeship, which provides hands-on experience and mentorship to refine practical skills. Lastly, the curriculum encompasses the NAEMT Safety and All Hazards Class, enhancing the participants' ability to manage various hazards and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

Through this meticulously orchestrated journey, The Rescue Company 1 cultivates a cadre of professionals adept in helicopter search and rescue, exemplifying a holistic approach that encompasses medical expertise, specialized training, and an unwavering commitment to safety."

Student seeking a Certification in Helicopter Search and Rescue or Aviation Rescue Swimmer certification must be part of the Helicopter SAR Fellowship. 

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