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The Rescue Company 1
Helicopter Search & Rescue Technician Fellowship

If you are interested in becoming a Helicopter Search and Rescue Technician then you've come to the right place. Our HELO-SAR Fellowship provides you with all of the necessary training from beginning to end!

TRC1 Helicopter SAR Technician Fellows have demonstrated that they have completed all the requirements to perform Helicopter Search and Rescue per NFPA 1006 & 1670. TRC1 Helicopter SAR Technician Fellowship is delivered in a hybrid format. This format is broken down into 6 separate sections of online and in person class. Student in the program may receive credit without attending a section of the fellowship if they have the appropriate technician level certificates. The six fellowship sections are: Water Rescue, Rope Rescue, Air Medical, Austere Medicine, Advance Survival & Wilderness Search, and Helicopter Recovery (HELO-SAR).  Helicopter Rescue Indoctrination is a requirement of graduation, Students will be given an opportunity to attend during HELO-SAR week or during Water Rescue Week.

Student seeking a Certification in Helicopter Search and Rescue or Aviation Rescue Swimmer certification must be part of the Helicopter SAR Fellowship. 

Certifications Earned

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