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The Rescue Company 1 (TRC1) Public Safety Diver Medic program, a cutting-edge training opportunity designed specifically for TRC1 Advanced Paramedic Graduates specializing in diverse fields such as Wilderness, Tactical, Search & Rescue Technician, Critical Care, or Flight Medicine. This unique course focuses on equipping graduates with the specialized skills and knowledge required to operate effectively as Public Safety Diver Medics.

The TRC1 Public Safety Diver Medic program stands as a testament to our commitment to providing advanced and comprehensive training for paramedic professionals, enabling them to excel in demanding and high-stakes environments. The class follows a hybrid format, spanning two weeks of virtual instruction followed by an intensive one-week in-person hands-on training segment.

Participants will delve into a wide array of topics during the virtual phase, including dive medicine principles, aquatic life support, underwater patient care, and coordination within dive teams. This online component ensures a strong foundation before participants gather for the practical portion of the program. During the in-person training week, graduates will engage in immersive scenarios, refining their skills through realistic simulations, teamwork exercises, and critical decision-making challenges.

The TRC1 Public Safety Diver Medic course is exclusively open to those who have successfully completed TRC1's Advanced Paramedic Graduate programs. This prerequisite ensures that participants possess a solid grounding in advanced medical care, making them uniquely positioned to seamlessly integrate their existing expertise with the specialized skills required in aquatic and dive-related emergency situations.

By bridging the gap between advanced paramedic practice and public safety diving, the TRC1 Public Safety Diver Medic program equips graduates with the competence and confidence to respond effectively to complex medical emergencies in aquatic environments. This training not only enhances the capabilities of individual paramedics but also contributes to the overall advancement of public safety and emergency response services.

We are excited to usher in this new era of expertise through the TRC1 Public Safety Diver Medic program, fostering a cohort of highly skilled professionals capable of rising to the challenges presented by the intersection of medical care and underwater operations. Together, we're forging a safer and more prepared future for our communities

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Student Prerequisites

  • Registered (NON-US medical personal may also take this course)

  • If you do not have a medical qualification you are allowed to take the course however you will receive a Diving Emergency Awareness Certificate.

Certifications Earned

  • EMT : Diver Emergency Medical Technician Certification (D-EMT)  

  • Paramedics and Medical Students: Diver Medic Certification 

  • Registered Nurses: Diver RN certification

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