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Air Medical Crew Course

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The Air Medical Crew Course is a 6 day/40++ hour instruction class. This course meets and exceeds the Florida State 64J-1.005 requirements for air medical education and is based on the DOT National Standard Curriculum and Guidelines for Air Medical Crew Course Education. Aircraft & LZ safety, preventing pilot & crew error, flight physiology, crew requirements, communications, survival, and fitness are some of the topics covered. Other topics covered are patient assessment and management of medical emergencies, respiratory, cardiac, neurological, orthopedic, trauma, burn patients, shock, obstetrical and pediatrics. This class is geared for licensed physicians, RN’s and paramedics who strive to achieve a higher level of education and medical expertise in order to enhance their capabilities to function safely and effectively in the air-medical environment. This class is a good indoctrination for those wishing to enter into the flight critical care world. The Air Medical Crew Course is approved by the Florida Bureau of EMS for Continuing Education credits (CEU's)   This class includes $2000 just in certificates!!!!!

Air Medical Crew Course

  • You can NOW add a voucher for the BCEN or IBSC  with the Air Medical Class.   BCEN voucher is $265.   IBSC voucher is $385.  Please send us an email or message if you would like to take advantage of this special offer.  

  • If you cancel an in-person course more than thirty (30) days before the course start date, you will be entitled to a full refund, minus a $150 Administrative Fee which will be withheld from any money owed under our refund policy.  If you cancel an in-person course thirty (30) days or less before the start date, you will not be entitled to any refund.  

    If you cancel an online or webinar course berfore beginning the course, or, in the case of time-based Online/ webinar courses, before the course begins, you will be entitled to a full refund.  Once you have begun an online or webinar course, or once a time-based online or webinar course begins, you will not be entitled to any refund.  

    Air Medical Students reserve the option to change enrollment to a future class at no extra charge.

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