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Health and Safety Paramedic program

The Health and Safety Paramedic program serves as a valuable secondary branch of the community paramedic program. Following the completion of the primary community paramedic training, participants can further enhance their knowledge and skills through this two-week online course. This specialized program incorporates the NAEMT Health and Safety Officer class, equipping paramedics with essential expertise in ensuring the well-being of both patients and personnel. Moreover, it serves as an excellent preparation platform for those seeking to excel in the IBSC Certified Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO-C) examination, reinforcing the importance of maintaining a safe and infection-free healthcare environment.

On completion of class EMS Safety, and EMS Safety Officer certifications will be provided. Price covers exam fee.

Health and Safety Paramedic program

  • This class is provided in a hybrid format which is online and in person.  We will use Go To Meeting for online lectures.  


    In person Dates are TBD.


    Virtual Days are TBD.


    The test will be at a testing center.


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