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Public Safety Helicopter SAR Diver Course is a fast-paced, comprehensive 8-hour training and educational program specifically designed for Public Safety and Rescue Professionals, including Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, EMS and Lifeguard Personnel with rescue diver certification.

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The Public Safety Rescue Rapid Diver course is for all public safety and rescue professionals, regardless of strong swimming ability or experience in, on, or around the water. For this technician level course, participants must be in good physical condition and be comfortable and able to propel themselves in deep water while wearing rescue equipment. The student will learn how to deploy from a rescue boat, jet ski, and a helicopter. The student will learn how to use the Rapid Diver SCUBA system. The Rapid Diver system is a fast donning, lightweight, all-inclusive scuba system that mates a tank, regulator and buoyancy module to a universal fit, load-bearing harness. 

Certifications Earned

  • Public Safety Helicoper SAR Diver


Student Prerequisites

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