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Helicopter Tactical Search & Rescue 

The role of a tactical paramedic is diverse, ever-changing to the environment and can be both a rewarding and challenging field for professionals to pursue. This type of paramedic works in areas that can often be dangerous and in locations that normal emergency care professionals should not venture. Though the role can vary in terms of its job description as time goes on, in general this type of professional may find such job duties as:

  • Providing emergency medical care to canine units

  • Treatment of injuries using advanced life support procedures

  • Transporting to and from “call-out” locations

  • Implementing and teaching suturing techniques, First Aid, CPR and AED

  • Depending on the employment the professional may also assist in breeching the target’s location and use “less lethal” weapons while providing emergency medical care in dangerous environments

  • Administer medications and perform minor surgical procedures

This Class is completed in 5 days after completing the prerequisites listed Below.

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