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Tactical Medic
Helicopter Tactical
Search & Rescue 

"The Tactical Paramedic class and Helicopter Tactical Search & Rescue track, both offered by The Rescue Company 1, exemplify an exceptional hybrid learning experience meticulously structured as a multi-part journey toward comprehensive proficiency.

For the Helicopter Tactical Search & Rescue track, participants are primed through completion of The Rescue Company 1 Air Medical Crew Course, followed by the Helicopter Search and Rescue fellowship. Completion of EMS point of care ultrasound is recommended to further enhance skills. This rigorous preparation equips participants to excel in demanding helicopter tactical search and rescue scenarios.

On the other hand, the Tactical Paramedic track necessitates attendance in the Critical Care Paramedic Track, ensuring a foundation in critical care principles. This track extends for six days, delving deep into tactical paramedic skills. Participants learn to provide emergency medical care to canine units, adeptly treat injuries using advanced life support procedures, master tactical casualty care, and employ prolonged field care techniques. The curriculum includes suturing techniques, forcible entry, breeching the target’s location, and the use of "less lethal" weapons while simultaneously providing emergency medical care in perilous environments. Participants also learn to administer medications and perform minor surgical procedures, acquire shooting skills, and master defensive tactics. The conclusive element of the class entails the IBSC exam, serving as a comprehensive assessment of acquired knowledge and skills. NAEMT TECC certification will be provided with this class.

Both tracks mirror The Rescue Company 1's commitment to holistic, specialized training, encompassing critical care, advanced medical interventions, tactical expertise, and real-world scenario management. Through this rigorous journey, participants are poised to excel as tactical paramedics, equipped to navigate complex and high-stakes situations while delivering effective emergency medical care."

This Class is completed in 5 days after completing the prerequisites listed Below.

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