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Prolonged Field Care


Prolonged Field Care (PFC) encompasses medical skills that are considered critical and essential. Any provider attempting PFC training, either individual or as a Team, should have a working knowledge of basic PFC capabilities prior to attempting an FMP scenario. This may include individual medic training, familiarization with relevant equipment, and team task training.


1. Monitoring - Vital Signs Trending
2. Resuscitation
3. Control the Airway
4. Ventilate and Oxygenate
5. Advanced Medications
6. Physical Exam and Diagnostics
7. Nursing and Hygiene Skills
8. Surgical Interventions
9. Telemedicine Consult
10. Package and Prepare for Evacuation/Flight
11. Medical Logistics and Leadership

In The Rescue Company 1 Wilderness Medical Technician and Helicopter Tactical Search and Rescue Courses, the foundational principles of Prolonged Field Care (PFC) serve as the guiding framework. These courses emphasize the critical importance of sustained medical care in austere environments, aligning closely with PFC principles to ensure comprehensive training in wilderness medicine and helicopter-based search and rescue operations.

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