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The Rescue Company 1 WATER RESCUE course is designed to develop the required knowledge and skills necessary for the Public Safety Rescue Swimmer. This can also be used during diving applications by offering a reasonable response to a distressed/panicked individual in the water. The objective of this course is to train individuals to meet and exceed the NFPA 1006 standard for the different water rescue disciplines. This course will also discuss the types of Rescue Swimmer equipment and techniques. This hybrid course allows the students to obtain valuable knowledge on-line prior to arriving to the training grounds.

Certifications Earned

Public Safety Rescue Swimmer I includes- NFPA 1006 


  • Surfacewater Rescue Awareness & Operations NFPA 1006-16.1, 16.2 

  • Swiftwater Rescue Awareness & Operations NFPA 1006-17.1, 17.2

  • Surfwater Rescue Awareness & Operations NFPA 1006-20.1, 20.2

  • Floodwater Rescue Awareness & Operations NFPA 1006-22.1, 22.2

Public Safety Rescue Swimmer II includes- NFPA 1006 

  • Surfacewater Rescue Technician NFPA 1006-16.3

  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician NFPA 1006-17.3

  • Surfwater Rescue Technician NFPA 1006-20.3

  • Floodwater Rescue Technician NFPA 1006-22.3

Student Prerequisites

Wate Rescue Prereq
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old.

  • CPR & AED or equivalent. 

  • Have a desire to be a rescue swimmer.

  • Bring a good attitude and willingness to learn.

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