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Wilderness Medical Technician

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"The Wilderness Paramedic class offered by The Rescue Company 1 pioneers a versatile hybrid format, comprising four integral phases that collectively foster proficiency and adaptability. The primary phase, the Critical Care Transport Academy, establishes a bedrock of essential knowledge in critical care that underpins wilderness medical expertise.

The subsequent phase entails two immersive in-person days dedicated to Pre-Hospital Point of Care Ultrasound, augmenting participants' diagnostic capabilities for remote medical scenarios.

The third phase, conducted in person over six days, delves deep into advanced survival techniques and wilderness search skills. This immersive training equips paramedics with the vital skills necessary to navigate and provide medical care in challenging wilderness environments.

As the course advances, the fourth phase offers a choice of in-person or virtual instruction over three days, culminating in an IBSC exam. For Paramedics, the exam maintains its in-person aspect, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of readiness for wilderness paramedicine.

The Rescue Company 1's Wilderness Paramedic class encapsulates a holistic approach to training, embodying the essential principles of critical care, specialized ultrasound, advanced survival, and patient care in austere conditions. This multifaceted curriculum prepares Wilderness Paramedics for excellence, enabling them to excel in diverse and challenging settings where their expertise is paramount."

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Certifications Earned

  • Wilderness Medical Technician (Prolonged Field Care)

  • Swiftwater Medical Technician (if a Swiftwater Tech)

Per NFPA 1006 & 1670 Guidelines


  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old.

  • CPR & AED or equivalent. 

Recommended Prerequisites

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